It has been long time since update! I have discovered this wonderful show, Bonzai. It is a British Parody of a Japanese game show. watch and be amazed!


d.c. log epdate one.

so, travel. pretty standard. rode a plane. boring.
first day, stayed in the gaylord national resort . it's huge. it's like disney land or vegas w/o the fun/strippers. watch the video on their webpage to see what I mean. not much happened. it was an accounting convention.

we left the resort. again, not much happened. we arrived at the J.W. Mariott hotel. right in the thick of the action.

we went to the national museum of history (also known as the museum of liberal pinko commies evolutionists.) it is a good visit. lots of dead things. some rocks. big diamond . I also found conclussive proofe of time travelers!


this survival kit was discovered at a digsite in the arizona desert (pictured left). geological records and radiological dating prooved that this kit had been burried for over 45,000 years. we went to the whitehouse. got attacked by a small flock of ferral segways.


coming up next:
the national air and space museum.

p.s. internet connection is failing... pictures to follow!



again, it has been a while since I have posted...

polvo milagro from ja'son on Vimeo.
I made this for my spanish class. it translates roughly like this:

need a miracle? try miracle powder!
miracle powder is good for good, pets and more
it is easy to use. put on your problem and watch
we put miracle powder in water, and seconds later it was wine
look at these photos
this sandwich is better after using miracle powder
it is impossible to find a better product than miracle powder!
testimonial: I have used miracle powder, and now my life is better. if you use it, you won't have cancer or any other disease!
buy miracle powder now!

apologies on the grammar, I was rather rushed and didn't get enough time for editing...


more ad rant.

right, even more rants about advertisements.


Kellogg produces a brand of protein water. Ignoring the fact that it isn't as healthy as they claim, and the fact that purified nutrients usually taste disgusting (try eating protein powder), the name is what stands out to me. They call it K2O. this bugs me. I know they are going for the H2O thing, but corporations, and the american public just don't seem to get that that is a chemical formula. Now, I am not a chemist, but by changing even one Atom, you get a vastly different substance. Now, K2O really bugs me (more than the other Blank2O names usually do), because that is the chemical formula for potassium oxide. now, potassium oxide kinda EXPLODES when you put it in water (it actually decomposes rapidly giving off heat, but Explode just has so much more... umpf to it).

happy easter!

happy resurection day for yahweh's zombie son/pedofilic magical rabit (why else would it give kandy to children?) day!

there is a 'this day in alternate history' episode that was perfect for this, but I don't want to dig it up.


class rings

today we had a salesman come around and try to sell us class rings. my immediate thought was that I wouldn't be buying one, not much of a jewelry/fondly remember my high-school years person. the salesman, being fairly good, wooed into considering it. Upon searching the catalogue, I found that the vast majority of the rings were fairly expensive, in the range of two to six hundred dollars. You could choose what metal you wanted your ring to be made of (white lustrium, gold lustrium, platinum, white gold, gold). now, lustrium had a little ® next to it, so I decided to do some digging. One thing lead to another, and this is what I have:
The rings at our school are provided by Jostens. they provide class rings to thousands of schools throughout the country. because they no doubt serve millions of students, you know that your ring is customized and unique to you. they have five plants just to handle their printing (though they do some custom printing). they where founded in the 1800's and have been making rings for over 80 years. I then dug around Jostens trying to see what kind of corporation they where like. this is in no way exhaustive, and I didn't even look at environmental track record, but they make all of their products in the U.S, and they have a fairly good track record as far as compliance with labour laws are concerned.
anyway, about Lustrium. I found that Lustrium is an alloy of nickel and Chromium, and a small amount of gold if it is of the yellow variety. I looked up the going price of nickel these days, and If I did my calculations correctly (supposing that each ring is 24 pennyweights worth of metal), then the metal in each $70 ring costs about two cents. that might be wrong, and it doesn't count "craftsmanship", but that seems like a good profit margin to me. nickel allergy is also somewhat common in my family (maternal), so that seamed like a bad idea.
final thought, most all of the rings available are gaudy in my opinion. they are either huge, and overly crammed with information (11 letters for the mascot, a picture of a mascot, highsschool name including the word High-school, a four digit graduation year and another symbol of your choice (such as debate or basketball) does not go on a ring without looking cramped. If they stuck it in as a QR code, that would be cool, but in plain-text, not so much) for most of the male models, or tiny and lacy for some of the female ones. there were very few plain metal bands with some letters in them.

bottom line, still not buying a ring. I might try to make my own though, that could be a fun project.


more commercial.

the ad is here

I hate to link to KFC's web-a-ma-page, but I was to lazy to find the video elsewhere. anywho, A) disregard the massage and buy nothing from them, and B) notice the direction of the grill about halfway through. the lines run front to back, but the lines on the "food" run right to left (or left to right). this is proof that they don't toast their subs, all they do is pretend to heat them, and use artificial colors to simulate the browning.

next up:

doe they realy think that they can make sticking it to the man equal buying sprint stuff. sprint is a huge telecom, and the U.S. telecoms are probably the manliest men to be sticking it to.

maybe my little blog thing will become a advert critique site. who knows?


brittish culture (kinda). learn, ye, and be enlightened!


happy net box

just tryin' out my new happy net box. feel free to browse the net through my webpage. there is no need to leave drivel ever! none! whatsoever! well, unless you want to see the right half of the web, then you'll have to go and download some sort of web browser, and install it on your hard drive, and learn how to operate it. that would take alot of work. so you should just stay here. besides it is only a matter of time before comcast starts to bandwidth throttle the right half of the web anyway. it's comcastic!


American society.

what does this say about american society?



My family and I went/are going to Arizona. I won’t have constant, in home Internet access, but there are plenty of coffee shops and the like, so I will try to keep everybody informed.

Day 0; travel.

Not much to say, it’s an airport. We flew out of SeaTac, and ultimately got to Tuscan.

Self-portrait in glass barrier. Like the hat?

This is a pictures of a large piece of art above the food court. Great example of both a three dimensional display and how pixels do not have to be a particular shape. This is a picture of a bird with its reflection. The image is made of thousands of fish hung from the ceiling.

Comparing prices between 15 minuets of Internet hookup in a “mobile office” and a shoeshine. I estimate that they cost about the same per minuet. Scary, no?

Day 1: did we leave Seattle?

Right, so if anyone has been paying attention to the Tuscan weather, it is gray, with rain, and chilly (about 50ยบ F). It feels like we didn’t leave the northwest. Not much happened, we mostly recuperated from getting in from our flight at 1:00 in the mourning. Because of the weather, we mostly just stayed in side. Went to a restaurant. This was out back:

I am not sure what to make of this, but I am a little frightened of a restaurant that has. The fact I ate there doesn’t make it better. That being said, it did taste good.

Day 2; caves and more!
Weather update:

These was taken on highway tenen rout to the kartchner caves. Seriously, snow? What’s up with that?

Anyway, We went to the kartchner caves. Turns out that re reserved the tickets for two days from now, but we still managed to get in (yay!). while we waited, we went to tombstone. Lots of history, but it was all exploited for profit.

When the new meats the old, and decides to incorperate.

We then returned to the caves, and I was not allowed to take pictures as we can’t take anything in. find out more here .

Day 3:DeGrazia.
We went to see DeGrazia’s gallery in the sun. it is a museum of sorts. Hand made out of materials such as cactus parts and mud. It also has cement and the like. It is well worth seeing. Not much else happened.



*blows off dust.*

been a while. recently I have had to play in the band at basketball games in the pep band. this recently lead to my new idea: meta-chearleeding. you cheer the cheer leaders. just in case they should falter in the fan's time of need.
further, valentine's day is approaching. last year I gave out those chalky heart candies hot glued to plastic spoons. this year I am still working out what exactly I will do, but I do have one idea. and with this, I assign it to you. write a love poem. it must be designed to work for everyone, men and women, nothing specific enough to limit. people. sign it either from a secret admirer or someone else. leave it where people will find it, and then enjoy the chaos. post theme in the comments (or on your blog or wherever). good luck!

no real posts until the end of finals.


xmas post

Right, so this is my post-xmas assignment for you. There is a good chance that you got a cheque from your old second auntie for [insert holiday], here is what to do with it. We've all heard the stories of idiots at the checkout stand who refused to take a two dollar bill. These people are thankfully rare. Go find them. Your odds might be slightly better if you use the 1979-81 (and again in '99) Susan B. Anthony 1$ silver coin. Cash your check in two doller bills and/or suisie b's and see who rejects them. Confusing the Susan B. Anthonys with quarters does not count. This'le probably be limited to fry-cooks from the new "iGeneration (or whatever the hell we're calling it)", but you can still laugh at them! Kudos to anyone who gets this to happen, super Kudos for video of it on [insert video hosting web-a-ma-page]!

good luck and god's speed!



doin' homework (probably will be until winter break).

in the mean time, here is a wonderful alarmist piece about the cold war . very well done. listen and be amazed (or not. depends on weather or not you already knew about this).



a problem faced by atheists/agnostics/people who just want to be fair in supporting all viewpoints is: what do you do with all of the "god" phrases. for example "oh my god" or "god damn you" or "god forbid...". one option is to not use them, but that is just plain boring and not fun. I vote that "god" gets replaced with "Secular Alternative Deity" or "SAD". "oh my S.A.D." "S.A.D. damn you" "S.A.D" forbid!" you get the idea.

if people have better ideas lets me know, and start using them!


Lord of the Flies

It's been a while since my last post, and I apologize. anywhey, here is a cop-out post that is a small piece of homework. In my english class, we hod to decide what each of four major Characters in William Golding's Lord of the Flies where most afraid of. this is my submission for jack:

Jack's deepest, darkest fear is fruit. On multiple occasions, Jack tries to hunt pigs rather than eat fruit. While this may make sense as a tactic later in the book because he has been on an island for a while, Jack starts talking of hunting in the very first chapter (p. 23). Jack also leads a preemptive strike against the terrible tyranny that is fruit by burning the forest, as he was in control of the placement of the fire, as is indicated when “jack clamored among them” (p. 38). As Jack has physically harmed fruit, and gone to great lengths to avoid consuming fruit, it is obvious that he must fear it.


alarm clock

I just fond the most awesome* alarm clock ever. the the thunderbolt . This bad boy/girl puts out about 126 decibels at a distance of 100 feet. a few caveats though: 1) you will violate a noise ordinance. (full stop) 2) depending on where you live and if that area still uses these, you may be committing worse felonies. 3) they are expensive, and rather high maintenance.

here is a recoding of one.

*when I say awesome, I mean having the power to invoke awe.


another thing to think about in the wonderful world of polotics.

I would like to share what I just found: the pirate party . I'll let you reed about it, but it sounds like a party who's ideals I can get behind.


new words

I just created the bust adjective ever. neoflangic. having the properties of a new flange. as in "the new garbage compactor has a neoflangic feel to it." now you try. create a new sentence with "neoflangic" in it.

on a different note, I i'll blog (on this blog) everyday. if nothing else, I will blog about why I can't blog.


i'm back...

from California. Went to an angels vs. mariners (baseball) game (we won), ate deep fried ice cream, and found a geocache (yay). I also started working on the adventures of galstad, but I still have much work to do before anything is net-worthey. I am working out much of the sock universe (presently genders, but social dynamics, education, religion etc. will come soon) I will post this on my (not yet created) drivel spin-off blog. now, say it with me; "hooray!!"