xmas post

Right, so this is my post-xmas assignment for you. There is a good chance that you got a cheque from your old second auntie for [insert holiday], here is what to do with it. We've all heard the stories of idiots at the checkout stand who refused to take a two dollar bill. These people are thankfully rare. Go find them. Your odds might be slightly better if you use the 1979-81 (and again in '99) Susan B. Anthony 1$ silver coin. Cash your check in two doller bills and/or suisie b's and see who rejects them. Confusing the Susan B. Anthonys with quarters does not count. This'le probably be limited to fry-cooks from the new "iGeneration (or whatever the hell we're calling it)", but you can still laugh at them! Kudos to anyone who gets this to happen, super Kudos for video of it on [insert video hosting web-a-ma-page]!

good luck and god's speed!

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