name change.

For those who don't know, my name is Jason.

last year, I decided to spell it with an okina because I could.

I hove decided to change it again this year. like last year, I am polling people to see what they think about it. please comment here, and vote in the pole.

the options are:

1 Iason.

this is the greek spelling of Jason. from Iason and the argonauts.

2 Ia'son.

same, but with an okina in it.

3 J'son.

lacking the "a".

4 Ja'slon.

because every sci-fi thing ends in a consonant and then "lon".


set background to 6f0!

I have set my background to grue.
Please comment on it.


virtual pet rock.

I just aquired a new pet rock! this one is a virtual one! w00t! my life has bean enhanced so much, I feal so much more alive!
you should go and download one yourself! mine is named vladimir!


real quick 3

1) Participate in the general strike this coming september eleventh, if you live in the u.s. (The u.s. does not deserve capitals anymore.)

2) Be on the look out for Udumbara, they should/are showing up. Budhism is an awesome religion.


real quick: 2

your opinion counts: pine-cone!


at the ball game.

you wake up on a lazy monday afternoon, four you have partied hard the night before, and jump out of bead eagerly. you rush about doing all the things that one does in the morning. you then go forth into the world,, and meet your pa at a predetermined, non-disclosed location (henceforth known as "work"), and embark on an epic quest to the ball game. you are not entirely sure which game that may be, as there are many games that involve balls, but you are confidant that you have played it before as you are well versed in sports. after taking your seat, you pa hands you a bag of crackerjacks, which you tare open greedily, and begin to eat. you then promptly choke on a small lamp and a genie comes out.

"I will grant yo three wishes, puny human." says the genie.

here is my question to you: what three wishes do you wish for?

mine are(encrypted in rot13 so as to not influence you. please come up with your list, then decrypt to reed):
1) gung nyy zl jvfurf ner rkrphgrq va gur znaare gung V vagraq gurz gb or, abg yvgrenyyl, jvgu gur bcgvba bs orvat erfpvaqrq ng nal gvzr, rvgure zl zr be nabgure vaibyirq cnegl, gb or ercynprq jvgu nabgure, rdhnyyl inyvq jvfu sbe zl qvfcbfny, vapyhqvat guvf jvfu orvat tvira evtug abj.
2)na vasvavgr jvfurf bs rdhny inyvqvgl gb gurfr guerr, gb or hfrq ng nal gvzr.
3)gur novyvgl gb tenag bgure'f jvfurf ng jvyy, va na rdhny znaare nf gur grezf naq pbaqvgvbaf ynvq bhg va gurfr guerr.

please post your three wishes here, then reed mine.