first post! woo! 1 is the first non-prime integer above 0. your god (if you have one) help who ever tries to interpret the following nonsense.
that over with, on to the meaningless gibberish.

so, i have bean seaing these commercials for a new listerene product. it's a good idea, haven't tried it myself. it's called "Agent Cool Blue". i find this scary. agent blue was an herbacide used during the vietnam war. from the wikipedia article:

"Agent Blue is a herbicide used by the United States during the Vietnam War. It was sprayed on rice paddies and other crops, in an attempt to starve the Vietnamese of valuable crops. Agent Blue is a mixture of two arsenic-containing compounds, Na-dimethyl arsenate (Na cacodylate) and dimethyl arsinic acid (cacodylic acid)"

anyone else think this is a herbacide now?

p.s. the children's product is "agent cool blue" while the herbicide is "agent blue" agent cool blue is not an herbicide (as i far as i know), but it sounds like it. just a bad name. (please don't sue me!)