xmas post

Right, so this is my post-xmas assignment for you. There is a good chance that you got a cheque from your old second auntie for [insert holiday], here is what to do with it. We've all heard the stories of idiots at the checkout stand who refused to take a two dollar bill. These people are thankfully rare. Go find them. Your odds might be slightly better if you use the 1979-81 (and again in '99) Susan B. Anthony 1$ silver coin. Cash your check in two doller bills and/or suisie b's and see who rejects them. Confusing the Susan B. Anthonys with quarters does not count. This'le probably be limited to fry-cooks from the new "iGeneration (or whatever the hell we're calling it)", but you can still laugh at them! Kudos to anyone who gets this to happen, super Kudos for video of it on [insert video hosting web-a-ma-page]!

good luck and god's speed!



doin' homework (probably will be until winter break).

in the mean time, here is a wonderful alarmist piece about the cold war . very well done. listen and be amazed (or not. depends on weather or not you already knew about this).



a problem faced by atheists/agnostics/people who just want to be fair in supporting all viewpoints is: what do you do with all of the "god" phrases. for example "oh my god" or "god damn you" or "god forbid...". one option is to not use them, but that is just plain boring and not fun. I vote that "god" gets replaced with "Secular Alternative Deity" or "SAD". "oh my S.A.D." "S.A.D. damn you" "S.A.D" forbid!" you get the idea.

if people have better ideas lets me know, and start using them!


Lord of the Flies

It's been a while since my last post, and I apologize. anywhey, here is a cop-out post that is a small piece of homework. In my english class, we hod to decide what each of four major Characters in William Golding's Lord of the Flies where most afraid of. this is my submission for jack:

Jack's deepest, darkest fear is fruit. On multiple occasions, Jack tries to hunt pigs rather than eat fruit. While this may make sense as a tactic later in the book because he has been on an island for a while, Jack starts talking of hunting in the very first chapter (p. 23). Jack also leads a preemptive strike against the terrible tyranny that is fruit by burning the forest, as he was in control of the placement of the fire, as is indicated when “jack clamored among them” (p. 38). As Jack has physically harmed fruit, and gone to great lengths to avoid consuming fruit, it is obvious that he must fear it.