*blows off dust.*

been a while. recently I have had to play in the band at basketball games in the pep band. this recently lead to my new idea: meta-chearleeding. you cheer the cheer leaders. just in case they should falter in the fan's time of need.
further, valentine's day is approaching. last year I gave out those chalky heart candies hot glued to plastic spoons. this year I am still working out what exactly I will do, but I do have one idea. and with this, I assign it to you. write a love poem. it must be designed to work for everyone, men and women, nothing specific enough to limit. people. sign it either from a secret admirer or someone else. leave it where people will find it, and then enjoy the chaos. post theme in the comments (or on your blog or wherever). good luck!

no real posts until the end of finals.