My family and I went/are going to Arizona. I won’t have constant, in home Internet access, but there are plenty of coffee shops and the like, so I will try to keep everybody informed.

Day 0; travel.

Not much to say, it’s an airport. We flew out of SeaTac, and ultimately got to Tuscan.

Self-portrait in glass barrier. Like the hat?

This is a pictures of a large piece of art above the food court. Great example of both a three dimensional display and how pixels do not have to be a particular shape. This is a picture of a bird with its reflection. The image is made of thousands of fish hung from the ceiling.

Comparing prices between 15 minuets of Internet hookup in a “mobile office” and a shoeshine. I estimate that they cost about the same per minuet. Scary, no?

Day 1: did we leave Seattle?

Right, so if anyone has been paying attention to the Tuscan weather, it is gray, with rain, and chilly (about 50º F). It feels like we didn’t leave the northwest. Not much happened, we mostly recuperated from getting in from our flight at 1:00 in the mourning. Because of the weather, we mostly just stayed in side. Went to a restaurant. This was out back:

I am not sure what to make of this, but I am a little frightened of a restaurant that has. The fact I ate there doesn’t make it better. That being said, it did taste good.

Day 2; caves and more!
Weather update:

These was taken on highway tenen rout to the kartchner caves. Seriously, snow? What’s up with that?

Anyway, We went to the kartchner caves. Turns out that re reserved the tickets for two days from now, but we still managed to get in (yay!). while we waited, we went to tombstone. Lots of history, but it was all exploited for profit.

When the new meats the old, and decides to incorperate.

We then returned to the caves, and I was not allowed to take pictures as we can’t take anything in. find out more here .

Day 3:DeGrazia.
We went to see DeGrazia’s gallery in the sun. it is a museum of sorts. Hand made out of materials such as cactus parts and mud. It also has cement and the like. It is well worth seeing. Not much else happened.

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