d.c. log epdate one.

so, travel. pretty standard. rode a plane. boring.
first day, stayed in the gaylord national resort . it's huge. it's like disney land or vegas w/o the fun/strippers. watch the video on their webpage to see what I mean. not much happened. it was an accounting convention.

we left the resort. again, not much happened. we arrived at the J.W. Mariott hotel. right in the thick of the action.

we went to the national museum of history (also known as the museum of liberal pinko commies evolutionists.) it is a good visit. lots of dead things. some rocks. big diamond . I also found conclussive proofe of time travelers!


this survival kit was discovered at a digsite in the arizona desert (pictured left). geological records and radiological dating prooved that this kit had been burried for over 45,000 years. we went to the whitehouse. got attacked by a small flock of ferral segways.


coming up next:
the national air and space museum.

p.s. internet connection is failing... pictures to follow!

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