more ad rant.

right, even more rants about advertisements.


Kellogg produces a brand of protein water. Ignoring the fact that it isn't as healthy as they claim, and the fact that purified nutrients usually taste disgusting (try eating protein powder), the name is what stands out to me. They call it K2O. this bugs me. I know they are going for the H2O thing, but corporations, and the american public just don't seem to get that that is a chemical formula. Now, I am not a chemist, but by changing even one Atom, you get a vastly different substance. Now, K2O really bugs me (more than the other Blank2O names usually do), because that is the chemical formula for potassium oxide. now, potassium oxide kinda EXPLODES when you put it in water (it actually decomposes rapidly giving off heat, but Explode just has so much more... umpf to it).

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